22 Dempsey is located at the entrance of Dempsey Road, off Holland Road. The colonial bungalow is flanked by lush greenery and accentuates the back-to-nature experience with a cascading waterfall that trickles gently towards the various restaurants.

Owned and managed by Starworth Pte Ltd, 22 Dempsey houses not only a Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria outlet, but also an art gallery and one of the newest premium clubs in town.

It has become a popular event spot for those who prefer an outdoor setting surrounded by lush greenery. From private birthday parties to corporate functions to product launches, the ideas are endless. Wedding couples can take their vows on a floating platform, featuring a waterfall in the background. After which, guests proceed for lunch or dinner at the Event Hall where our roving Passadors add a twist and fun element to the usual buffet affair.